Childhood Brain Tumor Initiative

As a continuation of the funding to the Nebraska Childhood Brain Tumor Program, the Team Jack Foundation launched the POWER5 Childhood Brain Tumor Initiative in 2018. From this campaign, the Team Jack Foundation will invest $5 million into the Nebraska Childhood Brain Tumor Program, over ten years, beginning in 2019.

POWER5 Investment Areas

Laboratory & Clinical Research

Funding laboratory research will allow experts to develop new treatments and offer them to patients through clinical trials. In addition, Omaha will be able to host other national clinical trials as well.

76%  |  $3,800,000
14%  |  $700,000
Pain Management in Cancer
Investing in pain management will help develop a national protocol to help all children fighting cancer better manage pain, especially at end of life. The pain management protocol would include music therapy, massage therapy and more. This type of protocol does not exist for children battling cancer at this time.
The education piece of the POWER5 program will help develop expertise here in Nebraska with existing medical professionals. It will allow current professionals an opportunity to further their education to become an expert in the area of childhood brain cancer. 
10%  |  $500,000