March 2020 POWER5 Update: Research Grants Awarded

The Team Jack Foundation approved the first three grants within the Power5 program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. One grant was within the Clinical and/or Laboratory Research arm of the Power5 program and the other two grants fell within the Pain Management arm of the program. 

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Laboratory & Clinical Research:

  • Chemosensitization on non-SHH/WNT medulloblastoma is regulated by miR-1253 
    The hypothesis is that miR-1253 functions as a tumor suppressor gene in medulloblastoma by exerting its anti-neoplastic effects through chemosensitization by influencing the expression of the ABC drug transporter family. These studies will advance our limited knowledge of the pathopysiology of non-SHH/WNT medulloblastoma, dissect the tumor suppressive properties of miR-1253, and generate a justifiable movement towards developing miR-based therapeutics as adjunctive treatments for non-SHH/WNT medulloblastoma. The uncommon yet deadly nature of this cancer type coupled with the potential to develop novel, less toxic,targeted therapeutics make this proposal particularly well-suited to the project priorities of the Team Jack Foundation.
    Principal Investigator: Sidharth Mahapatra, MD, PhD |  $330,000 commitment over three years

Pain Management in Cancer:

  • Rehabilitating & Healing Youth Throuh Music Therapy (RHYTHM) 
    The objective of the RHYTHYM program is to integrate music therapy into pediatric care to positively impact motor fundtion, coordination, motivation, and pain burden while fostering self-expression for children and positive memory-making for families. 
    Principal Investigator: Meaghann Weaver, MD | $49,000 commitment for one year


  • Pilot Study Using Pharmacogenomic Screening to Optimize Pain Medications in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Patients
    Pharmacogenetic screening can improve response to pain medications for pediatric patients with cancer. The specific aims of the projects are to determine the impact of pharmacogenomic screening on the use and response to pain medications for pediatric neuro-oncology patients and to determine the impact of pharmacogenomic screening on non-analgesic medications used in pediatric neuro-oncology patients.
    Principal Investigator: Chris Shaffer, PharmD | $21,000 commitment for one year

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