Child Brain Cancer Facts

  • Brain cancer is the #1 cancer cause of death in children.

  • Approximately 4,600 children are diagnosed annually.

  • Nearly 30% of children diagnosed with a brain tumor will die.

  • Many survivors are left with life-long deficits from treatment.

  • Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute's budget is spent on childhood cancer.

  • There are over 100 types of childhood brain tumors.

  • Nebraska ranks #5 for incidence rate in the United States.







Defeating this horrific disease will take all of us.

We must help the children affected by brain cancer. 

To help us find better treatments and a cure, please consider making an investment in the POWER5 Childhood Brain Tumor Initiative.
Join us in giving kids with brain tumors a happier, healthier future.

"Many experts believe that the information we gain from a cure to pediatric brain cancer may provide critical advances in other forms of cancer, both adult and pediatric." -The Cure Starts Now Medical Advisors.